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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  January 8, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ let's go ♪ under fire. republican candidates face off in new hampshire today. they took separate aimed at front runner mitt romney. as and marilyn man is shot and killed outside his home, leaving behind a pregnant wife. what they said about the attackers. others remember the deadly rampage in tucson. abc7 news starts right now. back-to-back debates over a 12-hour period. the candidates seemed more ready to take on each other something
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mitt romney, something they did not do much of last night. >> karen is live now from manchester, new hampshire with more. karen? >> the candidates hit the road hard but there is a growing sense that the primary may be over before the voting begins. on the campaign trail today here in new hampshire the only jabs from mitt romney were aimed at obama. >> the president has made it harder for this economy to be booed. he did not cause this recession. he just made it worse. >> mitt romney has a comfortable lead 24 points in one poll. his republican opponents are starting to sound frustrated. >> it does not mean anything to you because you are the front runner. >> they had chances to get in
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shots at mitt romney. they largely pulled their punches. today, they came out swinging. >> can we stop it with the pie is baloney? the fact is, you ran in 2004 and lost. rick santorum. >> or rick santorum blasted mitt romney as a massachusetts liberal. >> we need somebody to not bail out and run. >> but jon huntsman turned down several opportunities to go on the attack but even he seemed upset with him. >> this nation is divided because of attitudes like that. >> but few attacks have stopped and mitt romney was able to stay above the fray. >> this is also a battle for the soul of america. americans will ask, who are we as a people? >> with mitt romney's so far ahead in the polls the real battle in new hampshire may be
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for second place. reporting live from manchester abc7 news. >> karen, thank you. remember this is your station. we are covering the lead up with the primaries, and gordon peterson will be live in new hampshire tonight at 11:00, and look for both of their stories online at returning to the tragedy in tucson it was one year ago when a gunman opened fire, injuring congresswoman gabrielle giffords. they are remembering the lives lost and reflecting on what has happened since. richard reeve is live in our satellite center with more. >> it was an emotional day, a difficult anniversary. there were all kinds of things candles, flowers balloons, people remember in the event from one year ago. candles, flowers and balloons.
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>> it is a remembrance. people are just wanting to be together. >> a memorial for a safeway parking lot the sight of so much garbage one year ago. >> the outpouring of emotion and sadness of what happened in our community. >> gabrielle giffords was hit? >> it was supposed to be an informal meet and greet for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> and then gunshots. >> instead, a scene of horror. it was actually 19 people gunned down including difference yourself. six people were killed, and again this was nine-years old, born on 9/11. >> the light was out of her eyes. >> the government is in custody. >> 22 years old. >> died. >> sad. >> one year later gifford
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struggles to speak, but she is walking again thinking about her political future. >> you think to yourself that i will go back to congress when i get better? >> yes yes yes. >> there is an emotional visit to the shooting scene. >> it is a sad day just trying to be positive and feel some hope for all of those lost. >> and we are told that president obama called a difference today saying that she was an inspiration to her family and millions across the country. hundreds attended the services of a ripple lives of those lost, and those in acted courageously at the scene. she and her husband mark kelly are at a candlelight vigil at a university. richard reeve, abc7 news. >> hard to believe it has been one year. a maryland man, just weeks before welcoming his first
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child, it is killed outside his home the victim of a random robbery. the victim was gunned down. stephen tschida is live tonight with more on the story. >> right after the shooting, there were a lot of questions people in this committee were asking. was this a targeted killing or something random? tonight, police are telling us they believe this was a robbery. residents are on edge and afraid. >> it is scary. it is shocking. >> friday morning police responded to a call for help and found the man in his driveway. before losing consciousness he told police that two masked men shot him and then took off on foot. >> it is pretty quiet around here. >> neighbors described him as a nice guy excited about the birth of his first child coming
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up. investigators believe the killer is intended to rob him adding a new layer of concern. >> that is something trying to rob him going into his house i do not know. >> they say they no longer feel as safe as they once did. >> coming out of my garage. >> always on guard, but since the shooting of a neighbor apparently during an attempted robbery, in hazard taking extra precautions. >> just be more aware of who was around and watching when i drive in my garage watching to see if there's anybody around, lurking around. >> all right, stephen tschida reporting down there in laurel.
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much cooler weather much more so than it was 24 hours ago. how much? stick around. meteorologist steve rudin has a preview. >> take a look at the high temperature this afternoon from the belfort furniture weather center. 52 degrees at reagan national airport, yesterday 68 degrees. 70 in fredericksburg to a 55 degrees. with the satellite and radar the clouds will continue to increase as we move through the overnight hours. even some showers forecast for the day tomorrow but heavier rains on the way by midweek and then a shot of much colder air. coming up in a few minutes a look at the forecast and a flash back. remember what happened is 16 years ago today? i will show you in just a few minutes. still to come on abc7 news hundreds of rail cars being looked over by metro car workers
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this weekend. a key member of a local search and rescue team is found. and beyonce and jaz-z are
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tonight, police are investigating a eight person who was shot near the maryland line you later died at hospital. anyone with information is asked to call the d.c. crime solvers. a search and rescue dog is now back with its handlers after going missing for a couple of days. he became distracted on tuesday and ran off. on tuesday a man who works near the park found vito, and the
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dog and its handler were reunited today. a part fell off of a train on friday, the second type of such incident in weeks. they are looking at once with similar assemblies. metro said the inspections should have no impact on riders. and have you ever wanted to go for a ride on metrobus out in the pants? today, many did just that. a few hundred people dropped their drawers or while writing them. organizers say the goal is to just have some fun. >> it looks like scenes reminiscent from the european beaches. still to come, falling temperatures. steve rudin is back with your complete forecast. and one of the most anticipated
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a book being published on tuesday written by a new york times reporter describing confrontations between mrs. obama and top aides, including rahm emanuel. the book says that mrs. obama bristles at the confinement and obligations of being first lady. mrs. obama has denied that in a previous interview. >> there is a perception out there that i feel confined or trapped out there in some way. that could not be further from the truth. >> the author did not interview the president or the first lady. beyonce and her husband jay- z our parents for the first
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time giving birth to their daughter, named blue ivy carter. the name blue ivy blue is a tribute to his albums, and i.d. -- ivy. >> they rented that an entire floor of a hospital for $1.30 million. and when you have temperatures like to make what do you do? >> 16 years ago, looked and felt a lot different around here. looking at how things have changed. it is hard to believe the big blizzard of 1996, 17 inches of snow at reagan national airport, and even more out to the west, anywhere from 15 inches to at nearly 40 inches of snow. nothing like that in our future. looking at the white house this
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hour the skies are beginning to cloud up. 62 degrees was the high at the airport. the average 43, the record 73 set back in 2008 not that long ago. 45 of the airport. the wind is out of the north at 8 miles per hour. the weatherbug network, the first stop 44 degrees in temple hills. it went up to 50 in arlington. annette wtop radio, 43 at this hour with a high temperature of 47 earlier this afternoon. temperatures are cooling already down in the 30's in frederick. the real cold air there is not a whole lot out there. looking at fairview maine they are at 11 degrees. the temperature difference, quite a difference compared to yesterday at this time.
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it is colder air outside. milder air. this is going to eventually make its way to our area by the middle of the week. this is going to attract mainly to the south for the overnight hours and through tomorrow. there will be a potential for a few showers tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon. really, is not going to amount to a whole lot. temperatures well above freezing. tomorrow once again, daytime high temperatures will make it into the 40's. here is our forecast for you, starting out with the overnight hours. temperatures will fall into the 20's. clouds will continue to increase. tomorrow cloudy. we may see a shell or two. temperatures about 45 to 50 degrees. here is the extended outlook. it is warming up back into the
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50's for wednesday but into early thursday morning there could be some periods of rain followed by some cold air at least called by comparison. saturday and sunday a chance for a few flakes in the mountains. >> cold compared to 60. >> exactly. a winter well above average. seeing a rival move on. >> twice this season. >> it may be worse. >> playoffs that time of the year. the meadowlands. we will tell you about the giants. and speaking about a blowout the wizards. we will
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captioned by the national captioning institute well, it is unbelievable, really. it is finally over and yet the washington france still have to suffer on sunday. the wizards played back with a lackluster day and they are in danger of having the worst start in franchise history. there is a score right there as you say. his only bubka of the game. late in the second rick rubio finds one. the timberwolves led by 14 points at the half and in the fourth quarter timberwolves with an over 20-point lead. he slams and home. the wizards lewis 93-72. >> we keep on losing. we have to start making
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progress. the disappointing thing is we had to double the performances that i've thought were pretty good performances, and we followed them up with what was not good. >> and there is a familiar vied to the super bowl run, waiting to last minute to clinch their division. in the past three weeks, they have easily handled ryan. today's lay is the victim, another ryan. eli manning out of the pocket. the throw is incomplete, but he is called. 2-0, falcons. manning stands in the pocket and fires. he goes all of the way. he is still running. a 72-yard touchdown. an eli manning throws down. over the shoulder catch.
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ryan hanigan conversations with lebron before the game. and before the capsule left for their road trip, one team veteran says they have to steer clear of a common east coast track and not get caught up in a vacation mode. mike green got injured again in the second period. a pass in front. this breaks his scoring drought. it ties the game with just 16 seconds. a backhand pass to patrick. the sharks take the lead for good and win. the lady terrapins, chapel hill. seconds. a layup at the buzzer. it goes to overtime, tied at 67- 67. hopkins there to save the day.
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puts it back up, and they get the lead. 78-72, maryland. and the maryland men are on the road losing 36-30. and the denver broncos are winning in the third quarter 20-6. >> i predicted it all along.
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all right, this has been and popular hit on our website at sunrise looking really, really pretty. a chance for a shower or and two tomorrow a better chance
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wednesday into thursday. than
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